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We love our patients, it’s why we do this! Here are a handful of testimonials/reviews from just a few of the relieved individuals who’ve put their faith in us.

I was suffering day and night for months from vertigo before I met Dr. Picone. I had tried everything, from medication to physical therapy and nothing gave me relief. I couldn’t concentrate or sleep. I was having anxiety attacks and couldn’t even drive anymore. I was losing control of my life.
With Dr. Picone’s knowledge and skills he figured out my vertigo was being caused by my diet. So we changed the way I was eating and I began taking supplements. With weekly visits for therapy and adjustments I am finally beginning to get my life back to normal.
Karen M. – Back to Normal!
I am speechless. How can I explain the difference in my daily life since I have began enzyme therapy with Dr. Picone and his staff? Alternative care brought me back to living my life. If you know me you see the difference this course of treatment has made.
SJ Graves
I wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to Foothills Wellness Center and Dr. Picone for the most amazing results-ever!
I came to Dr. Picone with Granuloma Anulare, a rare skin disorder that had the family doctor completely stumped. Not only has my treatment at FWC fixed the rash, but I lost over 44 lbs. over the past 11 months.

I always leave your office feeling so cared for and supported in my quest for a naturally healthy body. From the cooking classes to help with exercise and fabulous supplements, I am a new woman!

Mary Jo – A New Woman!
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Susan W. – My Healing Journey!

I am honored to seize this opportunity to express my appreciation for the new life Dr. Joe Picone’s treatment intervention has given me. For about a year I had been losing weight for no apparent reason and sleeping most of the day each day, unable to summon the energy to do any more than the most necessary daily tasks. My long blonde hair, which I had always considered my most attractive physical feature, had become dull and lifeless and was failing out and breaking off. I was irritable and depressed. With a single touch to a point in the center of my collarbone, he was able to determine what my main issue was. I had not admitted it to him or anyone else at Foothills Wellness, but I had eaten a terrible junk food diet for years! From that one touch, he summed up my diet at the time, saying simply “You are eating way too much sugar and carbs”. Dr. Joe’s tactile assessment and the results of a urinalysis revealed the shocking truth that I was no longer able to find little pleasure in the miraculous weight loss I had been experiencing!

Dr. Joe outlined for me a new eating strategy that focuses on healthy, unprocessed foods. This new way of eating, along with the digestive and support enzymes he recommended, very soon began to restore my energy and life-force. Within 3 weeks, I was feeling so much better! Dr. Joe’s assistant, Melissa Le Roy supplied me with recipes and a weekly menu that made my new diet not only easy to follow, but tasty and satisfying as well. Her compassion and understanding of what I was going through as well as her willingness to share her recipes gave me the comfort and emotional support that I so needed to make the change in my eating, and I am so grateful to her.

Kathy Picone, Dr. Joe’s receptionist and office manager, has been a healing presence to me as well. She is gentle and friendly and has always taken time from her busy day to encourage and support me by listening and sharing. When you are sick and frightened it is so important to be encouraged by people like the team at Foothills Wellness. They have made my healing journey so much easier by being the caring, conscientious healers that they are and I am so deeply grateful to then for I believe with all my heart that had I not found them I would not have survived much longer.

SJ G. – Finally a Solution!

I was soooooo tired and nothing and no one could help me. I had tried everything offered by modern medicine. Then a friend told me she was seeing Dr. Picone for her rash and she was getting better. Dr, Picone was recommended to her by her chiropractor because he was the only doctor that was able to lower his high blood pressure. I really had to see if he could help me with my symptoms I experience with the auto-immune disease, Ankylosing Spondilytus.

His office is 22 miles from my house and my husband had to take me there for the first three visits. I just didn’t have the energy to drive that far and home again. Dr. Picone recommended specific enzymes and nutrients, and started me on a strict, diet meant to increase my protein and nutrient rich foods and decrease my carbohydrates and sugars. The combination is nothing short of a miracle. By the forth week I was telling my husband, “I’m fine. I can drive myself.”

It takes discipline to say no to all the fast food and rich desserts but Mellissa from his office and two of my friends helped me find the right foods for me. I have life back. That sounds a little dramatic but I was walking around with my eyes burning all day long and just wanting to left alone. I was miserable when I went out with friends and did not want to tell them. I had zero ambition and did not want to do any more than I had to. After starting the diet and enzymes I slowly gained strength and energy. I have started to do the household chores that I was putting off indefinitely, like moving the bulbs in the yard and repotting the house plants, and I started doing my art again.

Dr. Picone’s treatment is not a spectators sport. I had to actively participate in the solution. He knows what I need to do for my body to heal itself but I have to do it and the results are well worth it.

Melissa L. – Neither one of us gave up!

In 1997 I was diagnosed with a rare disease. I had been married only two years and the news of a disease with no known cause or cure struck me down to my knees. I spent the next decade on disability, in and out of doctor’s offices, taking six to seven prescription drugs per day and searching for anything that could help. I was ashamed and did not want society, friends, co-workers and many family members treating me differently so I hid it for a long time. During this time I gained a lot of weight, battled with depression and did very little exercise due to the pain. At my heaviest I was two hundred and twenty pounds. When I was taken off some of the experimental medication I dropped down to one hundred and seventy nine pounds, I stayed at this weight for many years. However I still dreamed of one day returning to my “high school skinny”. In high school I weighed one hundred thirty pounds – I was an athlete, I ran track and played basketball.

In 2005 I met Dr. Joe Picone. Dr. Joe Picone was a volunteer at the nonprofit I worked at. He always spoke about the power that people possess to heal themselves. Something that deep down I believed in and wanted to prove. I went to see him after a rafting accident. My back just would not heal and I was very uncomfortable regardless of what I did. Dr. Joe inquired about my health and nutrition on the very first visit and introduced me to enzyme therapy that afternoon. It took several years to get my body back to the condition it once was. After many years of experimenting with procedures, medications, and different doctors to stay alive – it had taken its toll. However neither one of us gave up!

Now, fast forward to 2013: I continue to see Dr. Joe regularly and take the enzyme therapy. I do not take prescription drugs anymore and have been released by the medical community, which I saw for over a decade, as a miracle that they cannot explain. I am back to my “high school skinny” and actively competing in 5K’s, 10K’s, Spartan races and training for my first half marathon.

Lauren D. – Expressing Gratitude!

Dr. Picone, Just a short note to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving 2013. On this day of Thanksgiving I would like to thank you for giving me hope and the belief in my body, that it will heal itself with the help of your enzyme therapy. This past month has been a wonderful journey in my healing. The transformation in my body is amazing. Everyone that knows me can see the big change in me. They are blown away. They are so happy for me that I am getting well. Without your help this change in my body and spirit would not be possible. So with a full heart of gratitude I thank you.

I am seeing my family today so, it will be interesting to see their reaction to the changes I have gone through. I bought a new dress for Thanksgiving which is a size medium. I can’t remember ever wearing a medium before. It is so exciting to go clothes shopping now and finding pretty clothes to wear. I can’t wait for spring to come so I can buy some pretty sundresses.

I want you to know so far in the last month I have lost 3 inches in my waist and 1 inch in my hips. I’ve lost 7 lbs. This is just the beginning I know but what a great start. I have also started back on my stationary bike. To start I am doing 7 to 10 minutes once or twice a day. I am also increasing my walking. I am pacing myself so I don’t over due. I am so happy with my progress. Thank you for all your help and your staff Kathy and Melissa have been great to work with. They are very friendly, understanding and are always happy to help me with any of my questions. I appreciate the times you have spoken with me on the phone. I know how valuable your time is so I appreciate you being able to talk to me directly when it is necessary. Again, thank you for your help in my journey to wellness in body, mind and spirit. Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving 2013!

Jody W

Words cannot describe my gratitude for all of the compassion and support I continue to receive from Dr. Joe, Melissa, and Kathy. My future looks so much brighter because of you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

In 1999 I was overcome by intense physical pain, chronic fatigue, IBS and blood sugar spikes and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Becoming bed ridden and seeing my active life dwindling away was not an option for me. I made a commitment to myself and my husband to never give up on finding the solution to my medical issues. After exhausting traditional medical treatments, I switched my focus to alternative medicine. With a high protein, low carb diet, painful massages, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and Yoga, I was able to reduce many of the symptoms. However, my muscles remained full of knots and hard as rocks. When I strained a muscle it would take months or years to heal. In November 2015 I hit my breaking point when none of my coping methods worked to alleviate a three year history of having a locked periformis and injured bicep. As a hiking guide I needed to take a step back and stop playing injured. I simply was “Sick and Tired” of being Sick and Tired!

In the back of my mind I knew food was a major component to my healing. Over the years I never found a doctor who understood the digestive system and its role in how the body functions. After I saw the Carolina Spotlight interview with Dr. Joe and Melissa I knew their approach provided hope and I immediately made an appointment. Dr. Joe was the first doctor in 17 years who understood my frustration and explained why my muscles were tight and did not heal. With just two chiropractic adjustments he unlocked my periformis. Six months of enzyme therapy and tightening my diet I am healing faster than I ever imagined. My muscles are pliable, they no longer have knots and my energy levels are through the roof. What a relief it is to know I’ve uncovered the missing piece of the puzzle to live a pain free life.

Dr. Joe’s down to earth professionalism and wealth of knowledge has been a tremendous comfort to me as I progress with the enzyme therapy. Going forward I will continue to have faith, trust the process, keep an open mind and embrace my new found pain free lifestyle. I am elated to refer friends to Foothills Wellness knowing they will receive the same level of compassion and care I have received.

Nancy M.

I first came to see Dr. Picone because I had been suffering with IBS symptoms such as alternating diarrhea and constipation along with bloating and gas. Before coming to Dr. Picone I had given up finding a remedy for my symptoms. I saw Dr. Picone on WLOS Channel 13 and I am so glad I made an appointment! My results have been great, it took a few weeks for my symptoms to disappear, but now I feel good and when I follow the prescribed nutrition plan I have no problems with digestion. I am recommending Dr. Picone because he and his staff are all very caring and friendly. They genuinely want to be assistance instead of hurrying through the visit to get to the next patient.

Brenda W

16 things that have improved, in my life, since starting the enzyme therapy with Dr. Picone!

  1. Lowered blood pressure
  2. Improved thyroid- eyebrows grew back
  3. Skin, nails, and hair healthier
  4. Regular bowel movements
  5. Rosacea almost non-existent
  6. Lost 25 pounds in the first month
  7. Sleep apnea gone
  8. Sleeping 8 hours on average
  9. Hives and itching gone
  10. Lots of energy
  11. Intestines healthy
  12. Digestion much improved
  13. Memory better
  14. Put me on a path for eating the foods my body type wants and needs
  15. Rid of a lot of toxins
  16. Changed my attitude about eating clean food and my health most of all

Thank you Dr. Picone for your knowledge and care.

A. V. G.

Migraines and low back pain resolved.

I first came to see Dr. Picone because I was suffering from chronic migraines. Dr. Picone identified the source of stress causing these migraines and to date I have not had another one! I am so thankful for Dr. Picone and I really wish I had known about his alternative approach to healthcare sooner. His approach considered my whole mind and body. In addition to helping with my migraines, he helped with my lower back problems. I recommend Dr. Picone and his services at Foothills Wellness Center because of my results – you get what you went for. I am also recommending Dr. Picone because of his alternative treatments and his friendly staff.

Chronic Pancreatitis

I first came to see Dr. Picone because I had been suffering from chronic pancreatitis.  Dr. Picone identified the source of stress causing this pain.  It took several months under his care to find the right enzyme combination. However, today I virtually live pain free! His approach considered my whole body and I have also eliminated blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I recommend Dr. Picone and his services at Foothills Wellness Center not only because of my success; his staff is casual, friendly and knowledgeable.  – Jim

Patrice P. – Reality check - Cholesterol!

My family doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol medicine for several years. I was determined to try diet and exercise to lower it – not medication. Unfortunately it was not working, so I talked to Dr. Picone. Through enzyme therapy and a change in diet I started seeing results. In three and half months my cholesterol dropped 37 points, my insulin dropped from 11 to 6 and I lost 20 pounds. My doctor who wanted to prescribe medication was amazed. I am still working hard so that my cholesterol will continue to drop. If you have high cholesterol, please call Dr. Joe!

Kathy S. – A Pain Free Life!

I came to Dr. Picone with a myriad of problems, everything from chronic fatigue, migraines, severe joint pain and stiffness. I had lost hope of having a pain free life. When I met Dr. Picone he assured me that he could help me and I thought-” yes, I’ve heard this song and dance before from other doctors”. After talking with him I gave him a try, kind of a last resort. I am so glad I did! Not only did he define the major cause of my illness he also treated me with chiropractic care and enzyme therapy. As a result, I was able to return to work after a lengthy leave of absence and I continue to take care of my job, home and family. I cannot say enough about Dr. Picone, as my friends, family and co-workers can attest to. Not a day goes by that I don’t recommend him to someone.

Mr. Brown – Flowing Success!

For 10 years I have had an enlarged prostate, not cancer but restricted urination flow. It had been controlled with medication but suddenly became worse. My primary care doctor scheduled surgery and my wife told Dr. Picone of my problem. His suggestion was an enzyme and he instructed my wife on how I should take it. I tried it and within 48 hours I was flowing like an artesian well. I have continued with the all-natural enzyme and I feel better than I have in years – a real success story.

Anonymous – Symptom Free!

At a young age, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, and struggled with fatigue and lack of concentration for much of my life. Like most ADD patients, I suffered from severe allergies with constant sinus congestion. I was skeptical that any treatment could help my condition. After many years of various failed treatments, while visiting Dr. Picone’s office for a back adjustment, I mentioned my ADD symptoms and allergies along with the detrimental effect they were having on my daily life. I was surprised that Dr. Picone suspected certain foods could be the source of my problems. He suggested the enzyme treatment would most likely help my condition. Within several days of enzyme treatment along with a prescribed diet plan, I felt a remarkable improvement in my allergies and my energy level was higher than usual. My concentration is better than ever. For months now, I have been symptom free.

Joyce M. – Pain Free!

I am a 70 year old woman with many years of back pain. I have been to at least half a dozen chiropractors, had acupuncture, epidurals, pain medication, tens units and abdominal binders. None of these had a lasting pain free affect. A very dear friend of mine encouraged me several times to go see Dr. Joe Picone. I hesitated due to my previous experiences with chiropractors.

Finally I gave in and made an appointment. Much to my pleasant surprise it was a very enjoyable experience. Dr. Picone not only worked on my back he also treated my whole body. Dr. Picone’s overall treatment includes enzymes, nutrition and exercise. I have had a few setbacks, totally due to my not being careful. Dr. Picone always brings me back to feeling great.

I have lost weight with Dr. Picone, feel better and have more energy than I have had for a very long time. I would highly recommend Dr. Picone for anyone that needs body balance. The entire staff at the Center helps to make you feel comfortable and confident in the practice.

Raymond W. – Everything is back in order...

My thanks to you for helping me get my health back in order. I had blood done before coming to you, and they showed that my kidney, my liver and my cholesterol were high, and that something needed to be done. I was referred to you by another Dr. Here in Ga, and on November 29,2012, I visited with you and you check me out and gave me some of your medicine to take for a few months. Now I am happy to say that everything is back in order and I am feeling great.

Below are some numbers of items that were high from blood work that were taken before and after seeing you:

Liver Before After Ast. 66 38 Alt. 93 45

Tina D. – Back to a Healthy Weight!

Dr. Picone joined the gym that I run approximately May 2005, being at my wits end once I found out what type of Doctor he was I insisted that he work with me immediately so he and his wife Kathy ordered what was needed to test me so that my problem could be pin pointed and it was. I was on the proper enzymes and this year I weight forty-five pounds less than last year. I actually lost most of the weight in six months. I am enjoying my exercise which keeps me toned and feeling good. I am also enjoying the new found energy. In order to maintain my healthy weight I exercise and follow a proper nutritional plan.

Janet G. – Freedom from Pain!

My friends will tell you that I am a new person since seeing Dr. Picone and starting on the enzyme therapy and chiropractic care. It is not just the 20 pounds I lost, but the total well-being and new found freedom from pain. After having become resigned to a restricted life, I now enjoy life fully – thanks to Dr. Picone.

A. All.

I first came to see Dr. Picone because I suffered from Multiple Sclerosis.  I was diagnosed with MS in 2013 but started getting symptoms long before and didn’t realize I was getting sick until it became severe. I was put on many different medications over the next few years for my symptoms and only got sicker and sicker. My fatigue, tremors, and muscle weakness became so bad, that I was forced to quit my 30 yr. career almost abruptly.  After seeing Dr. Picone After seeing Dr. Picone with one of his patients on Carolina Spotlight I saw a glimmer of light and got excited for the first time since I started this sick journey. I made my appointment, started enzyme therapy, and have been gradually getting better and better. I have come off of 7 medications and counting, lost 25 lbs, and have been much less fatigued than when I first started with Dr. Picone.   I would have been there sooner if I knew about Foothills Wellness Center enzyme therapy was available.   I am so pleased with the service and care that I have received from Dr. Picone.   Having some of my health back is more important than anything I could wish for. I feel like I might be able to actually live my life more normally again, and I can’t wait to see how much farther this will take me! I am recommending Dr. Picone to anyone who is at the end of their rope, (or if you’re lucky enough to know about this before you get there) try this before anything else!! It is miraculous! I would also like to add that Dr. Picone, and his assistant, Melissa, along with Kathy, have made me feel comfortable and at home every time I go in. If it were not for them, knowing what each of them have been through in their own journeys, I may not have been as quick to give this a chance. Their combined encouragement and treatment has completely changed my life!

Stew M.– testimonial

I first came to see Dr. Picone because I suffered from chronic fatigue, morbidly obese, brain fog, insomnia, chronic widespread pain, systemic arthritis, heavy Rx load and generally very sick.  After seeing Dr. Picone each and every symptom has gone away in a very short period of time and stayed that way.  I was introduced to Dr. Picone via my wife.  She found Dr. Picone and was very pleased with her results within the first week.  My first appointment was one week later.  I would have been there sooner if I knew about Foothills Wellness Center sooner.  I am recommending Dr. Picone because his services work!  I have my health back after 11 years and I cannot thank him enough

D Harter

    • What is your name?
      D Harter
    • What was your problem before you came to us or why you came to us?
      Over weight, High blood pressure ,coloresteral,depression and gout
    • What were the results you got from our services?
      Lost 45 lbs in 4 months , got off the statins and blood pressure medicine and are working on the depression and gout .
    • What kept you from coming sooner?
      I didn’t know some one like Dr Picone existed
    • What exactly did you like most about our services?
      Very friendly and no unessasary testing or run around, you can talk to them and they will listen and not just write you a prescription for drug that will just mask the problem and not cure it
    • Why are you recommending our service?
      Because it works, and my life is much better all the way around
    • Do you have any additional benefits or anything else you’d like to add?
      I sleep better, I don’t get winded when I walk more than 100 yards my feet and knees like the lighter me. My family Doctor is amazed of how good I am doing.

Alix W.

Hope, Confidence and health restored!

I first came to see Dr. Picone because I was suffering from Severe chronic vomiting & negative side effects from pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Picone identified the source of stress causing these issues and he has given me a sense of hope, confidence and TRUE healing!  I really wish I had known about Dr. Picone and his alternative approach to healthcare sooner. His approach considered my whole mind and body, instead of simply treating the symptoms or giving me more prescriptions.  I recommend Dr. Picone and his services at Foothills Wellness Center because I am I am sure there are others like me who do not respond well to pharmaceuticals, others who need a truly well rounded, genuinely caring, and professional approach. 

To fully understand my journey and how much improvement that I have had with Dr. Picone I would like to share the following.

I have been going to Foothills Wellness center for about 10 months now and can honestly say I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Before I started my journey with the professionals at FWC I was in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time (not including emergency visits) with mysterious and uncontrollable vomiting that was only getting more frequent and more severe with every episode. It had taken such a toll on me in nearly every aspect of my being that I started to lose hope for myself. I decided that pharmaceutical based medicine wasn’t for me and that I needed to try a whole different route. It was then I found out about FWC, and although I was skeptical at first (I was losing hope). Dr. Picone and the other professional staff quickly renewed my sense of hope and confidence in my journey back to health. I instantly felt like a priority; I felt understood and validated for the first time EVER. I really appreciate how my whole body and mind are taken into consideration every time I go to an appointment; it’s amazing how symptoms will disappear when the cause of them all is properly addressed and treated! Every single staff member at FWC is the perfect mix between professional, friendly, and personal. I have NEVER been made to feel blamed or badly for the condition I was in when I first went to FWC and I’ve never been made to feel negatively when I hit the occasional bump in the road. They give me the tools to succeed and a positive sense of responsibility for my health. I am excited and proud for how far I’ve come and am glad to see a clear path towards further improvement. Everyone at FWC genuinely cares about people and wants them to TRULY heal. I’m very fortunate and thankful to have the opportunity to change my life forever in a positive way; without everyone at FWC I shudder to think about what would have became of me.