If only I had known Dr. Picone existed sooner.

After far too long of being overweight, having high blood pressure and cholesterol, depression, and gout, I finally came to see Dr. Picone at Foothills Wellness Center. Within four months I had lost 45 pounds, was able to get off the statins and blood pressure medicine, and am working on the depression and gout. Now, I sleep better, don’t get winded when I walk more than 100 yards, and my feet and knees really like the lighter me. My family doctor is amazed by how well I am doing. I would have gone to see Dr. Picone much sooner if only I have known someone like him existed. The staff at Foothills Wellness Center is very friendly, you can talk to them and they will listen and not just write you a prescription for a drug that will just mask the problem and not cure it. Dr. Picone doesn’t do any unnecessary testing or the run around. My life is much better all the way around and for that reason, I would recommend Dr. Picone and Foothills Wellness Center to anyone I know.

– D. Harter