Hope, Confidence and health restored!

I first came to see Dr. Picone because I was suffering from Severe chronic vomiting & negative side effects from pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Picone identified the source of stress causing these issues and he has given me a sense of hope, confidence and TRUE healing!  I really wish I had known about Dr. Picone and his alternative approach to healthcare sooner. His approach considered my whole mind and body, instead of simply treating the symptoms or giving me more prescriptions.  I recommend Dr. Picone and his services at Foothills Wellness Center because I am I am sure there are others like me who do not respond well to pharmaceuticals, others who need a truly well rounded, genuinely caring, and professional approach.

To fully understand my journey and how much improvement that I have had with Dr. Picone I would like to share the following.

I have been going to Foothills Wellness center for about 10 months now and can honestly say I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Before I started my journey with the professionals at FWC I was in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time (not including emergency visits) with mysterious and uncontrollable vomiting that was only getting more frequent and more severe with every episode. It had taken such a toll on me in nearly every aspect of my being that I started to lose hope for myself. I decided that pharmaceutical based medicine wasn’t for me and that I needed to try a whole different route. It was then I found out about FWC, and although I was skeptical at first (I was losing hope). Dr. Picone and the other professional staff quickly renewed my sense of hope and confidence in my journey back to health. I instantly felt like a priority; I felt understood and validated for the first time EVER. I really appreciate how my whole body and mind are taken into consideration every time I go to an appointment; it’s amazing how symptoms will disappear when the cause of them all is properly addressed and treated! Every single staff member at FWC is the perfect mix between professional, friendly, and personal. I have NEVER been made to feel blamed or badly for the condition I was in when I first went to FWC and I’ve never been made to feel negatively when I hit the occasional bump in the road. They give me the tools to succeed and a positive sense of responsibility for my health. I am excited and proud for how far I’ve come and am glad to see a clear path towards further improvement. Everyone at FWC genuinely cares about people and wants them to TRULY heal. I’m very fortunate and thankful to have the opportunity to change my life forever in a positive way; without everyone at FWC I shudder to think about what would have became of me.

– Alix W.