16 things that have improved, in my life, since starting the enzyme therapy with Dr. Picone!

  1. Lowered blood pressure
  2. Improved thyroid- eyebrows grew back
  3. Skin, nails, and hair healthier
  4. Regular bowel movements
  5. Rosacea almost non-existent
  6. Lost 25 pounds in the first month
  7. Sleep apnea gone
  8. Sleeping 8 hours on average
  9. Hives and itching gone
  10. Lots of energy
  11. Intestines healthy
  12. Digestion much improved
  13. Memory better
  14. Put me on a path for eating the foods my body type wants and needs
  15. Rid of a lot of toxins
  16. Changed my attitude about eating clean food and my health most of all

Thank you Dr. Picone for your knowledge and care.

– Brenda W.