I was soooooo tired and nothing and no one could help me. I had tried everything offered by modern medicine. Then a friend told me she was seeing Dr. Picone for her rash and she was getting better. Dr, Picone was recommended to her by her chiropractor because he was the only doctor that was able to lower his high blood pressure. I really had to see if he could help me with my symptoms I experience with the auto-immune disease, Ankylosing Spondilytus.

His office is 22 miles from my house and my husband had to take me there for the first three visits. I just didn’t have the energy to drive that far and home again. Dr. Picone recommended specific enzymes and nutrients, and started me on a strict, diet meant to increase my protein and nutrient rich foods and decrease my carbohydrates and sugars. The combination is nothing short of a miracle. By the forth week I was telling my husband, “I’m fine. I can drive myself.”

It takes discipline to say no to all the fast food and rich desserts but Mellissa from his office and two of my friends helped me find the right foods for me. I have life back. That sounds a little dramatic but I was walking around with my eyes burning all day long and just wanting to left alone. I was miserable when I went out with friends and did not want to tell them. I had zero ambition and did not want to do any more than I had to. After starting the diet and enzymes I slowly gained strength and energy. I have started to do the household chores that I was putting off indefinitely, like moving the bulbs in the yard and repotting the house plants, and I started doing my art again.

Dr. Picone’s treatment is not a spectators sport. I had to actively participate in the solution. He knows what I need to do for my body to heal itself but I have to do it and the results are well worth it.

-SJ G.