What digestive problems?

I first came to see Dr. Picone due to acid reflux.

My results, well let me start off by saying that I spent 50 years or so with digestive issues. All I ever heard was eat more fiber, take laxatives. I had finally given up on that problem. I went to see Dr. Picone because I was having very bad acid reflux. The doctors had prescribed prescription medicine that would eventually damage my liver and kidneys. Long story short, Dr. Picone’s enzymes and therapy have cured my acid reflux, my hot flashes, my energy level has increased, and my digestive problems. (What digestive problems?) I have been seeing him and Melissa for less than a year; I cannot believe the difference in my body. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.
My sister has been informed that she has RA. She will be a patient of Dr. Picone’s soon. She can not believe the difference in me.

I really wish I had come sooner to see Dr. Picone.  The only reason I did not was I was lead to believe that nothing was going to help me.  So very glad I decided to give it a try.

I recommend Dr. Picone’s because #1 I feel wonderful.  Dr. Picone’s office and atmosphere is so welcoming and you feel like they really care about you.  I want everyone to know that there are other methods of getting well and healthy!

– Byrdi M.