My Healing Journey!

I am honored to seize this opportunity to express my appreciation for the new life Dr. Joe Picone’s treatment intervention has given me. For about a year I had been losing weight for no apparent reason and sleeping most of the day each day, unable to summon the energy to do any more than the most necessary daily tasks. My long blonde hair, which I had always considered my most attractive physical feature, had become dull and lifeless and was failing out and breaking off. I was irritable and depressed. With a single touch to a point in the center of my collarbone, he was able to determine what my main issue was. I had not admitted it to him or anyone else at Foothills Wellness, but I had eaten a terrible junk food diet for years! From that one touch, he summed up my diet at the time, saying simply “You are eating way too much sugar and carbs”. Dr. Joe’s tactile assessment and the results of a urinalysis revealed the shocking truth that I was no longer able to find little pleasure in the miraculous weight loss I had been experiencing!

Dr. Joe outlined for me a new eating strategy that focuses on healthy, unprocessed foods. This new way of eating, along with the digestive and support enzymes he recommended, very soon began to restore my energy and life-force. Within 3 weeks, I was feeling so much better! Dr. Joe’s assistant, Melissa Le Roy supplied me with recipes and a weekly menu that made my new diet not only easy to follow, but tasty and satisfying as well. Her compassion and understanding of what I was going through as well as her willingness to share her recipes gave me the comfort and emotional support that I so needed to make the change in my eating, and I am so grateful to her.

Kathy Picone, Dr. Joe’s receptionist and office manager, has been a healing presence to me as well. She is gentle and friendly and has always taken time from her busy day to encourage and support me by listening and sharing. When you are sick and frightened it is so important to be encouraged by people like the team at Foothills Wellness. They have made my healing journey so much easier by being the caring, conscientious healers that they are and I am so deeply grateful to then for I believe with all my heart that had I not found them I would not have survived much longer.

– Susan W.