A true miracle

I first came to see Dr. Picone because I was suffering from bloating, IBS, constipation and stomach pain. The results I received were a genuine help and relief. My bloating is almost completely gone, I can eat normally again, no more pain, and I am going to the bathroom regularly. I really is a true miracle.

A family friend referred me to Dr. Picone and I wish I had called sooner! Dr. Picone’s attention to care and personalization is what sets Foothills Wellness Center apart from other Doctors offices. A very incredibly kind staff member and/or Dr. Picone, has answered every question and concern I have had and his staff are the best!

I am recommending Dr. Picone because his way actually works. I have spent 4 years traveling the world going to the “top” GI specialists, integrative doctors, wellness experts, etc. without finding any relief. It was 4 years of being poked and prodded and trying to find prescription dugs and “Gut Healing” supplements with no real change. Dr. Picone gave me an individualized program to help ME and MY issues. I am 23 years old and having to go through constant, debilitating stomach issues is no way to live.

Thankfully, now I can enjoy being a young adult. I am forever grateful to Dr. Picone and his entire team!

– Isabella R.