Chronic Bladder Infections

I was an attorney and for 15-20 years I had chronic bladder infections. This means every month I would have to go on a prescription antibiotic. Two years ago, an infection became septic, I was hospitalized and close to death. About six months later, my paralegals parents had just moved to Columbus, NC and told me about a man who was making miracles happen named Dr. Picone. I scheduled my free consultation and my life has never been the same. I might get one bladder infection a year and when I do I just call Dr. Picone and he tells me which enzymes to increase. I never have to take antibiotics anymore. Many women have this problem and Dr. Picone has the best solution. I am living my best life, I travel one-third of the year and no longer have to worry about being hospitalized in a foreign country.

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