I first came to see Dr. Picone because I had asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and wanted to loose weight.

I started with Dr. Picone in April of 2018 on the enzymes and lost about 12 pounds in a couple of months. I am off Metformin and Blood Pressure medications. For about five years I was continually on Prednisone and Antibiotics for my asthma and bronchitis…to the point that my immune system just was “beat down”…I can now say that I have not been on antibiotics for an entire year and can tell that my immune system is improving. All medical doctors did was prescribe the antibiotics and prednisone about every 6-8 weeks…now I feel like I am free! I have more energy and feel better than I have felt in years. Thank you Dr. Picone and Melissa for helping me heal! Also, at my last annual eye check up…my vision had improved! I know it is the enzymes!

I recommend Dr. Picone’s services because the enzyme therapy and diet changes have changed my life!  I would also like to thank Melissa for always being there for patients via text, email or phone.

– Tami N.